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Adobe Indesign Training Course Chandigarh

Adobe Indesign Training Course Chandigarh: We are known for providing the best training in Adobe InDesign.

Adobe Indesign Training Course Chandigarh

Course content:

Adobe Indesign Training in Sector 34, Chandigarh

  • Working with Tabulators
  • Table and Cells formatting
  • Placing Graphics inside a Table
  • Link Tables from MS Office for automated updates
  • Importing Graphs and Charts from MS Office

Drawing Vector Graphics

  • Using the Pen
  • Pencil and scissor Tools to work with Bézier Curves
  • Combine Shapes for complex Compound Paths
  • Utilise Clipping Paths for CD/DVD label design
  • Gradient Feather tool
  • Importing and Colouring B&W Images

Advanced Outputting and XML Export

  • Learn about ICC Profiles and Colour Management
  • Manage Rendering Intents
  • Transparency Flattener and Trapping
  • Outputting an Interactive PDF
  • XML Tagging and mapping Tags to Style

Setting Up Your Document

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  • Be precise with Rulers and Guides
  • Add, move and shuffle Pages in your Document
  • Paginate Spread Pages
  • Using Bridge to organise your creative assets and InDesign Libraries to share them

Working with Frames

  • Place Text and Graphics on the Document Pages
  • Applying Colours
  • Tints and Gradients
  • Get creative with the Stroke panel
  • Shapes and Corner options inside of InDesign
  • Transforming Frames Content
  • Changing the default Transparency
  • Share the Appearance attributes with Object Styles

Importing and Editing Text

  • Flowing Text and multiple Columns design
  • Formatting with Character and Paragraph Styles
  • Leading
  • Spacing
  • Tracking and Kerning
  • Create Bulleted and Numbered lists
  • Explore decorative Fonts and Special Characters with a Glyphs panel

Working with Graphics

  • Image quality and Display options
  • Fitting or Clipping graphics with Frames
  • Share Colours across the CS3 with Swatch Exchange Format
  • Manage linked files and automate updating of your content
  • Vector artworks inside of InDesign
  • Goodies inside of the Effects panel

Page Layout tools

  • Using Placeholders
  • Eyedropper and Master Pages for different workflow
  • Aligning multiple Objects and working with Object Groups
  • Wrap text around inline Objects while making use of Alpha Channels
  • Be a professional with Baseline Grid alignment

Outputting and PDF Export

  • Understanding Bleed and Slug
  • Differentiate between Spot and Process colours
  • Create a Package to share InDesign Documents
  • Manage missing Fonts
  • Preflight for Prepress

Enhancing your Workflow

  • Section Starts
  • Prefixes and Page Numbering
  • Exploring Find / Change command
  • Data Merge and Text Variables for Dynamic Data
  • Customize advanced Preferences
  • Synchronizing Book Documents
  • Indexing and Table of Content
  • Discover Interactive PDFs with Hyperlinks
  • Navigational Buttons
  • embedded Sounds and Movies

Advanced Typography

  • Style Overrides and making use of Story Editor
  • Share Styles with Snippets
  • Explore Nested Styles
  • Creating Hanging Indents
  • Hyphenation and advanced Justification options
  • Understand Anchored Objects

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