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Advanced WordPress CMS Training Chandigarh

WORDPRESS is an amazing platform for bloggers. But blogging must be done in a productive way. isn’t IT? So Institute Chandigarh has come up with a guide to install and use WordPress for beginners. Advanced WordPress course training provides a complete guide to create a custom WordPress theme to make it look exactly how you want.

Advanced WordPress CMS Training Chandigarh


*The fundamentals of the world’s most popular blogging engine

*How to download, install, and configure WordPress

*How posts, pages, tags, and categories work

*Customising your WordPress theme


There is no specific qualification requirement for this. It’s your call to learn WordPress. Anybody can do this course. You only need to know little of computer and English.

WordPress Course Content

Lesson 1: Installing WordPress

  • Uploading WordPress to your web server
  • Installing WordPress

Lesson 2: Configuring WordPress

  • Using the WordPress dashboard
  • Managing content in the WordPress dashboard
  • Types of users
  • The WordPress settings panel
  • Reading and writing settings
  • Permalinks and RSS feeds
  • Creating and managing posts
  • Setting up post categories
  • Creating and managing pages
  • Managing comments
  • Installing and updating plugins
  • Customizing WordPress themes
  • WordPress theme options

Lesson 3: Installing WAMP

  • Downloading and installing WAMP
  • Setting up WAMP


30 days or more, Basically depends on you.

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