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Best Transact SQL Server Training in Chandigarh

Best Transact SQL Server Training in Chandigarh: If you want the best experience and 100% practical training with certifications then Chandigarh institute is the best place for you to join.

Which is the Best Transact SQL Server Training in Chandigarh?

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BENEFITS: Transact-SQL Reference (Transact-SQL)

  • You will be able to do a lot of data mining and data analysis over the data coming from various databases in SQL server
  • Will be able to make your career and give a kick to your career growth in the world of Databases and Tables
  • You may be able to look for your next career as Data Analyst to Database Manager
  • Able to design databases in practical office situations
  • You will be able to create the fresh database and, also work on the ready databases using SQL Server Management Studio
  • Able to write your own SQL queries to a professional level
  • You will start understanding the power of SQL Server and its relationship with the. NET Framework and languages

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Course Syllabus

1. Basic Database Concepts

  • Concepts Of DBMS And RDBMS
  • Introduction To SQL Server And Features Of SQL Server
  • SQL Server Data Types
  • Basics Of SQL
  • Database Design
  • Creating Databases
  • Management Studio
  • Data Types, Expressions, Operators
  • Working With Queries and Clauses
  • SELECT Into Statement
  • INSERT Statement
  • UPDATE Statement
  • Statement
  • Sub Queries
  • DISTINCT Clause
  • FROM Clause
  • WHERE Clause
  • ORDER BY Clause
  • BY Clause
  • HAVING Clause
  • SQL Server SQL Functions
  • SUM Function
  • COUNT Function
  • AVG Function
  • MIN Function
  • MAX Function
  • SQL Server Conditions
  • AND Condition
  • OR Condition
  • LIKE Condition
  • IN Condition
  • NOT Condition
  • IS NULL Condition
  • IS NOT NULL Condition
  • BETWEEN Condition
  • EXISTS Condition

2. Introduction To JOIN [New T-SQL Functions in SQL Server 2017]

  • SQL Server Tables And Views
  • Local Temp Tables
  • Global Temp Tables
  • View
  • Data Types
  • Sub Queries
  • Nested Sub Queries
  • Correlated Sub Queries
  • Working With Stored Procedures
  • Working With Indexes and Views
  • Creating, Dropping Indexes
  • Working With Multiple Tables
  • Types Of Constraints
  • Data Definition Language(DDL)
  • Creation Of Table
  • Modifying The Structure Of A Table
  • Dropping A Table
  • Working With Different Options
  • Inserting, Updating, and Deleting Operations
  • Operators, Built-In Functions, Grouping
  • Introduction To Stored Procedures
  • Creating, Executing, Modifying, Dropping Stored Procedures
  • Interview Questions

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