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Responsive Web Design Bootstrap 3 Training in Chandigarh

Responsive Web Design Bootstrap 3 Training in Chandigarh: Learn real-world applications in this project-based Learning  Bootstrap 3 training class. A Practical Bootstrap Training Course in Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula.

Responsive Web Design Bootstrap 3 Training in Chandigarh;

Content of Twitter Bootstrap 3 Essential Training :


  • Introduction To Bootstrap
  •  What To Expect
  • The Site Build Plan
  • How To Access Your Working Files

Setting Up Bootstrap

  1. Examining The Framework Files
  2. Documentation Overview

The Grid System [ Learning Bootstrap 3 – Tutorial From Infinite Skills ]

  •  Using Containers
  •  Coding Rows And Columns In HTML
  •  The Grid
  •  Controlling The Grid Across Devices
  • Column Offsets
  • Using Nested Columns
  • Column Ordering

Responsive Helpers

  • Responsive Images
  • Media Queries and Breakpoints
  •  Responsive Utility Classes

Site Structure

  • Building A NavBar
  • Fixing The NavBar To The Top Of The Browse
  • NavBar Dropdowns
  • Building the Intro Section
  • Building The Marketing Panel
  • Button Options
  • Building The Info Panel
  • Block Quote
  • Togglable Tabs
  • Glyphicons
  • Building The Footer
  • Using Custom Typography

The Home Page

  • 0601 Image Carousel
  • 0602 Carousel Navigation
  • 0603 Four Column Grid

The Blog Page

  • Setting up the grid structure
  • Adding the blog entries
  • Pagination Component
  • Search Box Inline Form
  • Using List Groups
  • Media Component

The Clients Page

  • Setting The Grid
  •  Thumbnails
  •  Tooltips
  •  Collapse Panels

The Contact Page

  • Setting The Grid
  • Adding a Google Map
  • Horizontal Forms
  •  Modals
  •  Building The Sidebar

Customizing Bootstrap

  • Customizing The Download
  • Starter Templates
  • Customizing Colors

You will start the course by learning about the grid system, including how to use containers, nested columns, and column offsets.

  • Concise, informative, and broadcast-quality Learning Bootstrap 3 training classes
  • The ability to learn at your own pace with our intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • A quick grasp of even the most complex Learning Bootstrap 3 subjects because they’re broken into simple, easy to follow training classes

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