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Data Analysis & Statistics and Data Mining Course in Chandigarh

Chandigarh Institute is known for providing best Data Analysis and Data Mining Course in Chandigarh. Its 100% practical training with certifications.

Data Analysis & Statistics Training

Module 1

  • General Introduction about Excel
  • Difference between Workbook and Worksheet
  • Workbook Sharing and other features of Workbook
  • Advanced Features of Excel (Save, Save as, Save and Send, Comments, etc
  • Overview of Cut, Copy, Paste
  • Overview of Bold, Italtic, Underline, Color (font and Background)
  • What is Text Alignment (left, right, canter, Top, Middle, Bottom)
  • What is Text Indent
  • Different types of Font Type, Font Size
  • Overview of Merge and Center

Module 2

  • Understanding Wrap Text feature and practical usage
  • Various types of number formatting, text formatting, Date and Time formatting
  • What is Filter and Advanced Filter
  • What are freeze panes, types of freeze panes and their practical usage
  • Type of Data sorting
  • What is data sorting
  • Understanding the concept of Data Validation
  • Various types of Data Validation

Module 3

  • Data Validation (continue)
  • Creating Data Validation using external reference and within dialogue box
  • What is meaning of sub total
  • Subtotal on various data fields and its practical applicability
  • What is Group, How Grouping is created
  • Practical exposure of Grouping and Ungrouping data set (Rows and Columns)

Module 4

  • What is Conditional Formatting
  • Various types of conditional formatting using practical examples
  • Creating an assignment using Conditional Formatting and Data Validation
  • Meaning and usage of Name Manager

Module 5

  • What is Pivot Table
  • What is Pivot Table and Pivot Chart
  • Exploring the power of Pivot and discovering the advanced features of Pivot Table
  • Looking at various formatting options available in a Pivot Table
  • Setting the formatting of the data in the Pivot Table

Module 6

  • Exploring Charts and Graphs
  • General Introduction about various types of Charts
  • Discovering the practical aspect of various chart types and way to create them on data set
  • Understanding Trend lines and concept of Dual Axis
  • Looking the magic of Sparkline

Module 7

  • General Introduction about formulae.
  • Various simple functions like Sum, Count, CountA, Average, Mean, Median,Text, Value, max, min.
  • lookup functions like vlookup, hlookup, offset, row, column, address etc.
  • Working on other functions like DSUM, DCOUNT, DAVERAGE, SUMIF, COUNTIF.
  • Understanding error handling through formulae like If(iserror), If(istext), If(NA) etc.
  • Working on various conditions in the formule like If without else, if with else, the use of AND and OR operator within If formula.

Courses and Training on Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, and Data

Module 8

  • A small up and running project on Excel (covering each functionality and formula creation learnt in the overall training)

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