HTML Training for Beginners in Chandigarh

We are known for providing best coaching for you all. Join us now and start swimming in our HTML Training. If you are new to HTML this HTML Training for Beginners course is perfect for you.


  • Time and Dedication 🙂

What you learn in HTML Training for Beginners in Chandigarh:

  • Learn HTML
  • Get over the fear of code
  • Understanding how HTML Tags Work
  • Picking an Editor
  • Discovering the HTML Tag
  • Exploring the HEAD and BODY Tags
  • Creating a Page TITLE
  • Working with H1 through H6 Tags
  • Creating HTML Paragraphs
  • Dealing with Copy Issues
  • Nesting Tags
  • Building our pages to be Searchable.
  • List Tags
  • H1 to h6 tag
  • Table Tag
  • Div Tags
  • CSS type
  • javascript