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ICQA Testing Certification Course in Chandigarh

Our institution is ISO Certified Institute in Chandigarh.

ICQA Testing Certification Course in Chandigarh

We aim at providing the best ICQA is a training & certification program in:

  • Software quality assurance that demonstrates a proficient level understanding of software quality, process engineering, quality assurance activities, quality standards, models, and frameworks.ICQA Testing Certification Course in Mohali, ICQA Testing Certification Course in Panchkula


  • Understanding Software Engineering Concepts and Lifecycles
  • Introduction to Quality
  • Process Concepts
  • Review Techniques
  • Internal Auditing Techniques
  • Quality Control Tools
  •  CMMI®
  • Overview to 6 Sigma
  • ISO 9000, PCMM® and ITIL
  • Organization Change Management and Soft Aspects of Quality
  • Preparatory Training and Mock Examination


  • Graduates looking for a job in Software Quality Assurance or Software
  • Testers and Developers who want to move to Quality Assurance.
  •  Non –IT professionals interested in shifting to Software Quality Assurance.


  • Facilitate and training project teams in process implementation
  • Conduct Internal Audits and report results
  • Perform data analysis
  • Knowledge on Software Quality Assurance Control
  • Ability to understand Process Models and Frameworks
  • Undertake Software Quality Assurance activities in a structured manner
  • Create QA Plans

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