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Best iPhone App Development Course in Chandigarh

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Best iPhone App Development Course in Chandigarh, Mohali & Panchkula

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We provide iPhone App Development Training with Live Projects + Certifications.


  • Understanding of C programming language.
  • Understanding of Object-Oriented Programming.
  • Any experience in Mobile development will be an added advantage.

Learning Objectives:

  • The objective of this program is to give attendees a course in iPhone Programming.
  • It will introduce the Framework, Programming languages, and other relevant APIs to the audience.
  • Will help them understand the concepts and techniques behind the iPhone Application development.
  • It is expected that after the course the attendee will be able to work independently on iPhone application development.
  • Will be able to migrate from conventional technologies to Cocoa and iPhone-related technologies effectively.

iPhone App Development Course Syllabus:

iPhone SDK

  • Introduction to iPhone SDK.
  • Introduction to Xcode.
  • COCOA Touch Framework.
  • iOS Application Architecture.

Views and Views Controller

  • View Controller
  • View Life cycle.
  • Basic Controls – Labels, Button, TextField , Slider, etc

Advanced Views and Controller

  • TableView
  • TableView Controller
  • Picker View, Date Picker
  • Scroll View
  • Web View
  • Navigation and Tabbar Controller

Interface Builder

  • Understanding Interface builder
  • Understanding XIB files.
  • Creating Outlets and Actions.

Data Storage

  • The directory structure of an iOS App.
  • Using SQLite database.
  • Using Core Data.
  • Property List.
  • User Defaults

XML and Web Services

  • XML Parser .
  • JSON Parser.
  • SOAP-based web service
  • REST web service.

Touches and Gestures

  • Handling the touch events.
  • Handling Gestures.


  • Playing Audio file.
  • Short sounds.
  • Playing Video on iPhone.


  • Displaying Map in iOS App.
  • Working with Pin Annotations.
  • Handling the Map region.

Storyboard ( iOS 5 )

  • Using Storyboard to design the app.
  • Using Segues
  • Passing data from One Controller to another

Handling Different Screen Sizes

  • Using springs and struts model
  • AutoLayout ( iOS 6 )


  • Multithreading in an iO App
  • Using NSThread
  • GCD ( Grand Central Dispatch )

Using Camera

  • Capturing images using the camera
  • Getting the images from the Image Gallery.

Accessing Device Sensors

  • Accelerometer
  • GPS

Mails and SMS

  • Sending mail and SMS from an App.

Transitioning to the iPad

  • SplitView Controller
  • PopOver Controller


  • Installing and testing an App on iOS Device.
  • Publishing an app to the Appstore

Training Duration:

6 weeks, 6 months Industrial training programs

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