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Learn to Create Successful Product

Learn to Create Successful Product: Being businessmen and not successful. NOT WANTED? RIGHT.

Learn to Create Successful Product

  • So learn all steps to create a successful Product in Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula.
  • Learn to find out wrong assumptions as well as the right ones.
  • Understand your customer needs.
  • Learn How to calculate the effectiveness of a product with vision and values with a solid business plan.
  • Do a business that customers love, which becomes a word of mouth.
  • This course teaches you all ideas to launch a winning product.


  • Become an expert while working with the expert.
  • Mr. Pal is the founder of Institute Chandigarh.
  • ┬áHis passions include creative strategy, user experience, blogging and teaching through speaking.
  • He has 10 years of experience in Web Design, Development, and SEO marketing experience in Product and Technology.
  • He has worked with global brands and product startups like IBM.


  • Vision, Values, and Idealization
  • Startup or Business Research
  • Naming and Branding
  • Learn from your customer development
  • Co-founders, Hiring, and Firing
  • Revenues, Costs, and Profits
  • Product Development
  • Focus on your minimum viable product
  • Marketing and Sales
  • How To Start A Business: Turning Ideas Into Income
  • Fundraising

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