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Linux training institute in Chandigarh

Linux training institute in Chandigarh: Linux is a friendly operating system. It provides a virus environment to users. Institute Chandigarh is the top Linux training institute in Chandigarh. Social Media and Digital Marketing Degree Apprenticeship.

Best Linux training institute in Chandigarh

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  • To create your profession in Open Source Linux, you require to contain superior information from the syllabus specified lower.
  • Candidates and IT professional who is paying attention to becoming trained in Linux are in a secure place with us now.



  • Directory formation
  • Device Name Convention
  • Installation, Dual Boot, Kickstart, TFTP Installation, during NFS, FTP, HTTP system.
  • Essential instructions administer system behavior


  • Disk Management
  • Partitioning and filesystem
  • Configuring and troubleshooting LVM, pre, and post Os Installation LVM setup, snapshot of LVM Tutorials
  • Configuring and troubleshooting RAID (striping, Mirroring, Striping with distributed parity bit) Lessons.
  • Managing Swap Classes Training


  • User group policy and ACL
  • Disk Quota (User Quota, Group Quota)
  • Backup regular, incremental, and data compression(tar)
  • Automated tasks Crontab, at Package installation, querying, removing through rpm (binary compilation)
  • Shell Scripting (basic step by step guide)


  • Beginning to networking (IP addressing and Lan establishment)
  • Configuring the internet in Linux through broadband, dialup, data card & mobile(GPRS)
  • NFS (network file sharing)
  • Mail Server (SMTP, postfix, SquirrelMail)
  • DNS
  • Web Hosting Server implementation
  • Live Project.
  • Professional DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol)
  • FTP (file transfer protocol) [hands on FTP clients]
  • SSH, Telnet, and VNC (remote access services)
  • YUM (configuring repository of rpm packages for network installation
  • SAMBA (Linux to window printer and data sharing)
  • SQUID (proxy)
  • APACHE (webserver)
  • SELinux (secure enhanced Linux) all major practicals
  • FireWall: TCP Wrapper, Iptables
  • RHCE Exam Preparation Classes
  • Scripting (advance)
  • Professional LAMP

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