Software Testing Course in Chandigarh

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It is advantageous for developers to possess testing capabilities to test the application before hand.

Already a Tester

Those who wish to refresh all the testing basics and techniques and gear up for Certifications in Software Testing.

Planning to Go Abroad :

If anyone who is looking for Job in abroad or planning for a Job in Information & Technology Sector can opt Software testing as a profession based.


Those beginners who wish to module theoretical software engineering knowledge into a practical approach to working in the real world.
If you are a just college pass out, this is EXACTLY what you are looking for to open the doors for your dream career


Those who wish to take up Software Testing as a profession.

Software Testing Training Course in Chandigarh – Manual & Automation Testing Course Syllabus:

Manual Testing

Software Testing

  • Introduction to software testing
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Software Engineer

SQA and needs of SQA

  • Software development life cycle (SDLC)
  • QA Vs QC

Quality assurance and quality control

  • Testing fundamentals
  • Testing techniques
  • SDLC Models

 Testing methodologies

  1. White box testing
    b. Black box testing
    c. Gray box testing

 Testing Levels

  1. Unit testing
    b. Integration testing
    c. System testing
    d. User acceptance testing

 Some other testing techniques

  1. Sanity/smoke testing
    b. Re-testing
    c. Regression testing
    d. Ad-hoc testing…etc
  • Software testing life cycle (STLC)
  1. About testing plan document
    b. Test case design
  2. Types of test cases
    ii. Test case templates
    iii. Examples of test cases
    iv. Traceability matrix. Test case execution
  • Bug base fundamentals
  • Bug scrubbing and bug triage
  • Agile and SCRUM testing
  1. Defect reporting
  2. Defect template
    ii. Bug life cycle
  3. Test closure
  • Site Responsive Testing


Automation Testing

  • Introduction to Automation Testing:
  • What is Automation Testing

Test automation framework

  • Need for Automation
  • Various Automation Tools

QTP (UFT 11.5)

Load Impact

Win runner

  • Introduction to quick test professional
  • Running a session
  • Actions

 Data tables

  • Environment variables in QTP
  • Output values
  • Recording Mode
  • Benefits of Automation

Introduction to Automation Testing:

1.What is Automation Testing

  • Test automation framework

2 . Need for Automation

3. Various Automation Tools

  • QTP
  • Load Impact
  • Win runner
  1. Introduction to quick test professional
  2. Running a session
  3. Actions
  4. Checkpoints
  5. Data tables
  6. Environment variables in QTP
  7. Output values
  8. Recording Mode
  9. Benefits of Automation

Introduction to Selenium:

Course Objective:-

On Completion of Selenium –Java course the participants will be able to

  • Understand Oops /java concepts
  • Selenium IDE, RC
  • Understand Selenium WebDriver tool in depth, it’s features & components
  • Building a new Test Framework by using Web Driver, Test NG


  • Set up TestNG, and Selenium 2.25 for eclipse

Module 1: Selenium Introduction

  • Selenium Introduction
  • What is Selenium and Why Selenium
  • Selenium Components
  • Introduction of selenium Components
  • Java in Selenium

Module 2: Selenium IDE Introduction

  • Installing Selenium IDE
  • “Selene’s” – Selenium Commands
  • Developing Test Cases & Test Suites With Selenium-IDE

Module 3: Selenium Web Driver Introduction

  • Selenium Web Driver Introduction
  • Download and Configure Web Driver with Eclipse
  • Simple Test case
    • Open and Close Browser
    • Cross Browser Testing – Firefox, IE, Chrome, HtmlUnitDriver
  • UI elements, Locators
  • Identifying Web Element using id, name, link text, class, XPath, ccc

Module 4: Testing Framework (TestNG)

  • Testing introduction and Configuration with eclipse
  • Testing  Annotations
  • Before Suite
  •  Test
  •  Before class
  •  Before Method
  •  After Method
  •  Class
  •  After Test
  •  After Suite
  • Creating Test Suit with Testing