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Video Editing Course Training in Chandigarh

Today’s generation is fond of creativity. If you have slightest interest in web advertisement you are creative person then you are at right track. Are you looking to build your career in Video Editing. Photography in India and have some doubt about the future scope for job and other opportunities in Video Editing field?  Then don’t worry you are in right place. This post will help to answer the questions in your mind.

Film & TV Production Training – 1 Year Fast & Focused Program

Future benefits:

Benefits of this training is dependent on your input. More your input more will be output. Video Editing is the field related to computer integration of video, graphics, drawings, audio and animations. The information/content in the multimedia can be represented through digitally (audio, video and animation) in contrast to media.


Most recent results have found that the job opportunities for camera operators. Video editors are only supposed to grow by 9% over the next decade.Video editing and camera operating fields, it might be worth bringing up.

Video Editing – Online Courses, Classes, Training, Tutorials

Eligibility Criteria:

There is no specific requirement for this coaching. Minimum education qualification for a degree and diploma course in animation is plus two or its equivalent. Graduates from any stream are also eligible to join next level course

Video Editing Training | FCP | After Effects | Photoshop | Hyd

You can Pursue the Course:

It mostly depends on your interest and willingness to learn these lessons. You should be patient, accurate and detail oriented. Students who are interested in learning about various types of media entertainment and technology such as:

  • television
  • film studies
  • journalism
  • video production
  • interactive media
  • computer animation

Therefore you can pursue this program.

The interdisciplinary program focuses both on emerging trends, technologies and standard methods of managing media.

 Skill set needed:

You can subscribe to editing a newsletter or magazine. Join an audio-video club, and pursue a part-time or summer employment in TV or cable network or a motion picture studio. Good communication skills to communicate effectively with your director and producer. If you choose to work as a freelancer, you need to have business skills too.As a film and video editor, you will need to work a lot on computers. So, you should be able to work with different kinds of computer software programs, such as PowerPoint, Photo Shop etc.

Video Editing and Film Making Courses in Chandigarh

Prospects of Jobs:

Once you gain experience, you may start receive more assignments, and you may find positions in larger TV stations. In the industry of motion pictures. Get promotion from an assistant editor to an editor in an advertising agency, TV program or movie studio. Get a chance to teach in a film school, technical school or at a university. Majority of film and video editors work on:

  • Freelance basis
  • Short-term projects for TV companies
  • Corporate employers and post-production studios.

You may also find work in a variety of productions:

  • Including TV programs
  • Feature films
  • Corporate training videos
  • Commercials
  • Music videos and many more.

Broad Course content

At LIIM you will taught about following concepts:

  • Non-linear editing methods
  • Graphics and special effects techniques
  • Knowledge of different audio and video formats
  • Camera basics and operation techniques
  • Computer education about relevant software programs

 Tools used for video editing:

  • Avidemux
  • Blender
  • Zs4 Video Editor
  • Lightworks
  • FCP
  • Windows Movie Maker
  • Virtualdub
  • Wax

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