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Web Analytics Course Training Institute in Chandigarh

Web Analytics Course Training Institute in Chandigarh at LIIM, takes you to one step ahead for your career. It is important to analyze the behavior of the users time to time in accordance with the market demand. This directly reflects what customer mind what they are thinking about your product and how you keep it improving. You will get a better experience of market analysis for the business and to fit into the overall strategy. It will help you to analyze the traffic and page visit on your website. It will next beneficial for you to provide services to the customers.web analytics-course-chandigarh

The effectiveness of Web Analytics:

  1. It will help to keep updated about the market trends so that business will grow up as per market demand.
  2. To get the better understanding of traffic coming to your site and how it can be improved? An effective way to target the audience.
  3. The content on your website or on a specific page will meet the need of the customer.
  4. For an in site view you must understand how user is searching and what word or phrase they are using. A keyword analysis is a prime factor to rank up your website on search engine.
  5. Your website has to satisfy the need of the customer so that it will generate the sale and create interest in your product or services.

Measures of Web analytics:

  1. Bounce rate: The rate at which the visitor will get back from your page is bounce rate. So the minimum is the bounce rate will beneficial for your web page.
  2. Traffic overview: Figure out the traffic on your website to keep track on the source of the traffic and location from where the visitors on your website
  3.  Tracking: Track the activities performed by the visitor on your website by signups and downloads done.
  4. Behavior: Behavior lets you know page views and time spent on the website. You can find out how the customer behaves once he is on your website.
  5. Content: Analyzing the demand of the market and customer the website requires an update with time. The relevancy of the content with the search query has to taken in to account for that keyword gives you best output.

Web Analytics tool:

  • Google Website Optimizer tool: This is the perfect tool for measurement and allows small business owners to test and variations of their site, content, and landing pages.
  • Google Analytics: To find out where your visitors are coming from, visit on your site and how often they come back, among many other things as more you involved in the site’s analytics, more you can receive more detailed reports
  • Yahoo Web Analytics: It will allow multi sites analytics and real-time data collection from that you can check the visitor behavior.
  • Facebook Insights: If your business requires to expand from Facebook, this tool will users to interact with the product and services. You can give detail about the followers, likes, and comments on your page or post.
  • Twitalyzer. Similar to Facebook Insights, Twitalyzer gives a higher view of your account’s impact on customers, based on followers, retweet level, how often an account replies and engages in conversation, and more. Simplicity is key here, as you can just look up a Twitter username and get instant information.

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