Web Designing Jobs in Chandigarh

In this era of the online world, things have changed a lot. You’ve heard of the term “starving artist” though right. For many, web designing seems like a dream career – you’re working in a meticulous, technical environment. But also able to stretch your creative muscles depends on your interest.

Web Designing Jobs in Chandigarh

Job openings for graphics and web designers:

  • Advertising agencies.
  • Graphic design studios.
  • Print and publishing houses (like newspapers, magazines, etc.)
  • TV production houses.
  • E-learning companies.
  • Website development companies.
  • Companies/firms that need to create & maintain a website.
  • Working as a freelance web designer


The sky is the limit when it comes to how much you’ll earn. Some of the top web designers and design consultants even make six-figure salaries.

  1. Web designers make between INR 12000 and INR 70,000 monthly.
  • Well, web design is a field with a broad range of skills and career choices, so your specific salary will depend on the route you choose.
  • For example, as an entry-level web designer with no formal education, you can expect to be on the low end of this scale.