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WhatsApp Marketing for Business: Online Courses, Classes, Training, Tutorials

The WhatsApp Marketing Course is an online course for Digital Marketers who want to take advantage of this Niche Marketing channel for their products and grow their business using Whatsapp. Liim provides the best training in WhatsApp Course in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula. 100% practical training with LIVE Projects.

WhatsApp Marketing for Business: A Guide for Getting Started


  • People can use WhatsApp for making calls, chat, or web features. Facebook purchased WattsApp opening it up for its millions of users.
  • It is said to be multi platform because it is available in different mobile operating systems that currently exist such as IOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Nokia.
  • 70% of users are active on a daily basis.
  • The app is the 5th most downloaded app on Android
  • This course will show you the basics of how to use WhatsApp to market your business
  • WhatsApp is an instant messaging application for the next generation mobile platform, which enables text messaging between users.
  • It is similar to computer messaging programs that commonly exist in the web, with the difference that this one works in mobile phones.
  • WhatsApp can also provide great applications to marketing your business. Consider these figures: In April 2014, WhatsApp crossed half-a-billion user mark.

WhatsApp Marketing for Business: Online Courses, Classes, Training, Tutorials

  • Introduction
  • What To Expect From The Course
  • What’s Up With Whatsapp?
  • WhatsApp For Business
  • Getting Started
  • WhatssApp Calls
  • WhatsApp Chat
  • WhatsApp Contacts
  • Whats App Web
  • Using WhatsApp As Business Owner
  • WhatsApp Automation Tools
  • How To Use WhatsApp Marketing
  • Marketing Scenarios
  • Growing Your Contacts
  • Certification

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